MultiClipboard – Copy multiple items to your clipboard

Polar MultiClipboard is a great little replacement for your Windows built-in clipboard. One of the main drawback of the Windows clipboard is that you can copy only one piece of text at a time. Multiclipboard overcomes this issue. With Multiclipboard installed, you can copy different pieces of text one after the other and then you can go to the destination area and paste the texts. Best of all, MultiClipboard is Free.

MultiClipboard not only supports text, but also images and files. If you are working on a network you can even share your clips with your peers.


Another neat little feature in MultiClipboard is that, if you use certain clips frequently, you can save it as a permanent clip and even assign a hot key to it so that you can use them with ease at any time in the future.

Download MultiClipboard


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