Send Web Sites to Your Inbox With Toread

You find a cool Web site that you want to revisit, but how do you remember that you want to revisit it? You could bookmark it, but then it might get lost or forgotten among your other bookmarks.

toread_logo is a handy site that sends bookmarks to your e-mail inbox to keep the site on your radar. Think of it as a welcome e-mail reminder from your favorite Web site that says, “Hey, look at me!”.

Using Toread is a snap. After registering for the free service, you get a custom “bookmarklet” that you can add to any browser. When you land on a site that you want to send to yourself, you just click the Toread bookmark. A minute or two later, the link and the full page you were viewing arrive in your inbox.

If you use your mobile device to browse the web often, then you might want to check out Toread’s Tomobi which converts Web pages into text-only content suitable for reading on your phone.

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