Restrict access to applications using AppLocker

Have you ever wanted to give someone access to your Windows computer but wanted to make sure that they couldn’t access certain applications? While you could create a guest account, many of the applications would still be accessible across all the users.

This is where AppLocker, a free utility, can come in handy. It’s a simple program that locks down any application you specify.

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When you first run applocker, it gives you a list of common programs that you might want to restrict, but you can click on the configure button to add any number of applications that are installed on your computer. Just run the application and then select the checkboxes beside the corresponding  applications and hit Save. You can then close AppLocker.

Anyone trying to open a locked application will be denied access to it and would be shown a message that the application is locked.

Of course, if the person is savvy enough, he/she can find AppLocker on your machine and just change the settings back to gain access to the application. So, it may not be a 100% foolproof system, but AppLocker could prove to be useful. Just make sure you don’t leave a conspicuous shortcut to AppLocker on your desktop.

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