Resize multiple images easily with Windows XP’s built-in resizing utility

Suppose you have several images captured with your 6MP camera that you want to resize into a smaller size either to email them to someone or maybe to upload it on Flickr. You can either open them one by one in an image editing application and resize them, which obviously is very time consuming or use softwares that automatically resize multiple images.

But if you are using Windows XP, then there is built-in utility that isn’t known to many, that you can use to resize large number of images quickly. You will find this utility inside the Send Pictures Via E-Mail dialog box. Here is how to do it:

  1. Press [Windows]E to launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Make sure the Tasks pane is visible. (Click the Folders button if the Tree pane is showing instead of the Task pane.)
  3. Open the folder containing the images you want to resize. Select the images you want to resize.
  4. Under the File And Folder Task list, select the E-Mail The Selected Items command.
  5. In Send Pictures Via E-Mail dialog box, click the Show More Options link to expand the dialog box.
  6. Select a radio button next to one of the available sizes and click OK. (The available sizes are 640×480, 800×600 & 1024×768). A new mail message window containing the resized digital pictures as attachments will appear.
    Note: If this is the first time you are using this option to send a mail, then Windows will ask you for some information like your name, email address, your POP3 server etc before you can proceed. You can choose to fill in some dummy info if you are not actually going to send mail.
  7. On the menu, click File and select the Save Attachments command, and save all the attachments to a different folder.
  8. Close the mail message window and click No in the Save Changes dialog box.

You are limited to choosing between only 3 different sizes, but that is because these three sizes are the most common standard sizes. If you want some other size, then you are better off using a third party software.


  1. Suzanne says

    Resizing photos with Widows XP built in resizing utility works beautifully on my desk top but not on my laptop. The Send Pictures via email dialog box does not open. How do I reset it to open?

  2. says

    @Sann: I am not sure if you change the default size. But if you resize images frequently, you might want to try the free Image resizer powertoy from Microsoft. You can download it here:

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