How to transfer files between two computers using bluetooth

Almost all recent laptops are bluetooth enabled and you could easily transfer files between two laptops using bluetooth. Even if a PC you use is not bluetooth enabled, you can add the feature by way of a USB dongle.

Here is what you need to do to transfer the files.

  • On the recipient PC, open the Bluetooth Devices control panel.
  • Choose the Options tab, and click Turn discovery on and click OK.
  • On the sending PC, right-click the file you want to transfer.
  • Select Send to Bluetooth device.
  • Click Browse, if needed, and select the recipient PC. Click OK.
  • If you are sending something private, click Use a passkey and type a password. Click Next.
  • The recipient PC will prompt you to enter the password (if you chose to use a passkey in the previous step) and accept the transfer.

This is a quick and easy way to transfer files between two bluetooth enabled PCs.

However, keep in mind that the present data transfer speed of bluetooth is on the lower side, typically around 700 kbps and also the range is just about 10m. So, as long as the laptops are within 10m of each other and the files are small at around 2-3MB, bluetooth can be very useful to transfer files directly between PCs.


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    Check out Lets you transfer files between 2 computers as well. It runs as a java applet in the browser so no need to install extra software. Also, unlike most online file transfer tools, you don’t need to upload/download files to a server, since the applet executes locally.

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