How to place Tables in Adjacent Columns in MS Word

Creating tables in MS Word is child’s play. But did you ever try creating two tables adjacent to each other? If you haven’t I would recommend you to try it first.
It is slightly tricky. There is no option in the Tables menu which can help us with the layout that we need. Here is how to do it:

  • First insert two tables, one above the other. (No prizes for this)
  • Adjust the column widths to ensure that the width of  each table is less than half the width of the page. In other words, the sum of the widths of the tables should be less than the width of the page.
  • Select both tables. On the ‘Standard’ toolbar, click the ‘Columns‘ button, and then drag the pointer to select two columns.

Another way is using nested tables. First insert a 2-column borderless table. Then you can insert one table in the left column and another table in the right column.

Hope you found this post useful.


  1. William Nelson says

    Many thanks! Tried MS Word Help, but as usual quite usless.
    I did find one thing very stange however. That is it would only show the table column stops on the horizontal ruler for each table individualy instead of both tables when you clicked inside one of them. I was expecting to see both, but maybe thats just me.

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