How to rotate videos in VLC player

Sometimes you come across videos that have been shot at an angle. This mostly happens with videos that have been shot with mobile phones. You find that the video is turned to one side at 90 deg and to watch it on your computer monitor you need to tilt your head. Watch the video for more than a minute, and you can end up with ….well a pain in the neck.

There is an easy solution. Just make sure you are using VLC Media Player.

VLC Media Player allows you to rotate any video by 360 degrees even as it plays. Here’s how.

1. On the VLC player, click on the icon that looks like a graphic equalizer to open the Extended Settings. You can also open it through the menu Tools > Extended Settings.


2. Go to the Video Effects tab and within that go to the Geometry tab.


3. Enable the Rotate checkbox. Now you can click & drag on the rotation dial to rotate the video to whatever angle you want.


  1. ALEXANDRA says

    It won’t work on my computer my computer won’t go in the first thing you have to go in. can you please tell me why and what i have to do to get my videos rotated

  2. Rick says

    This was so helpful! Does anyone know how to save the settings so you don’t need to change the rotation each time you view the video?

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