How to find the original link behind a shortened url

There are numerous url shortening services like for example, that help us convert long urls into short and manageable urls. But one of the problems with a shortened url is that, when you come across one either in your mail, or a website or in a forum, there is no way of knowing where that link is headed to without actually following the url by clicking on it.


The other problem is that, some of the url shortening services are blocked in some countries though the original url is not blocked.

Untiny is a free service that addresses the above problems. With Untiny you can find out the original url behind the tiny url without having to visit the link. That way you can know which domain the url is headed to. You can then decide whether you want to follow it or not. Also, if the shortened url is blocked in your country, you can use Untiny to extract the original url which may not be blocked.

Untiny currently supports over 75 url shortening services.

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