Get rid of “The system has recovered from a serious error” message

Sometimes when there is some problem with your computer, Windows either forces you to restart or automatically reboots. Upon restart it displays the message “The system has recovered from a serious error“.

Now, typically this message should be displayed only once. But sometimes it so happens that once you get the message, then everytime you restart the message keeps popping up, even when you reboot manually. While it doesn’t take more than a click to do away with the message each time, it is a real annoyance. Windows will keep prompting you to send the error to Microsoft after every reboot.

But thankfully there is a way to get rid of the annoying message. Right-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and select Properties. Select the Advanced tab and click Settings in the Performance area. In the Virtual Memory area click Change. Under Paging file size for select drive, click No paging file and click Set.You will see two warnings. Just click Yes on both of them and then select the System managed size option. Close all the dialog boxes and reboot.


  1. Tup says

    If you keep getting the windows recovery error message you can try opening the task manager and ending the dwwin and the dumprep processes…. That seems to take care of the problem

  2. XPUser says

    I had a system error that I fixed, but I kept getting a corrupted error message at startup. I took out the page file, but I was still getting the “Your computer has recovered from a serious error…” message. I was finally able to get rid of it by disabling Windows Error Reporting, restarting, and then re-enabling it. That seemed to clear out the computer’s memory of the old error, or something. I used the directions for disabling Error Reporting here:

  3. Kirk says

    Sam, You didn’t read the full answer did you? It says to turn it off, then to turn it back on.

  4. Sam says

    Wow – this isn’t a great idea. Windows uses the page file as a RAM-substitute when the PC is running out of RAM. If you make these changes, you would be denying your PC the ability to function in this normal manner. I would recommend against this!

  5. Qudratullah says

    Hello everybody: I have the same problem, Though I got the solution but, as my system’s desktop appears, so I get this message and my computer restarts soon after that. Can someone please help me ????

  6. Davidlin says

    What a great place to get helpful answers. I tried this one and it worked beautifully. All the things were not in the exact same area but close enough. I have Windows XP pro.
    If only you could help me with my other computer problem life would be complete.


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