Freely convert PDFs into editable Word documents

Ever wished you could convert a PDF file into a Microsoft Word document that you could edit?

You could opt for a pricey utility that converts a PDF file into a Word-friendly text. But the PDFtoWord web service accomplishes the same thing, for free.

Go to, upload a PDF, choose an output format: Word(.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf), enter your email address and click on the Convert button. The service will then convert the file into the desired format and when done, send you an email message with a link to download the converted document.

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However, be aware that for complex documents, it may not be possible to replicate the exact formatting and appearance of the original file used in creating a PDF. The quality varies from one document to another, depending on the file’s content, layout, and other factors. But with pdftoword, you can get pretty good results comparable to, or even better than some of the paid software. While choosing the output file format, consider choosing the Word format rather than RTF because Word conversions end up looking remarkably similar to the original PDF files than RTF conversions.


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