Firefox Smart Keywords – Search a web site the easy way

Smart Keywords are an easy way to search Web sites right from the location bar (aka Address bar).Firefox Smart Keyword

Suppose you visit often to look up things. You go to and click in the search box and enter whatever you are searching for and click ‘Search’. Nothing wrong with this. But there is a much simpler way to do this in Firefox.

You can search a website much more easily using ‘Smart Keywords’. If you had set ‘wp‘ as the Smart Keyword for searching, then if you wanted to search for, say ‘blogging’, then all you have to do is type ‘wp blogging‘ in the location bar/address bar and hit enter. You will straightaway be taken to the search result for the word ‘blogging’ inside of wikipedia.

How to set Smart Keywords

  • Go to whatever web site you want to add a Smart Keyword for, then go to the search box of the site.
  • Right-click in the search box and click ‘Add a Keyword for this Search…‘. The ‘Add Bookmark’ dialog will appear.
  • Give the bookmark a name. e.g. ‘Wikipedia Search’ and create a keyword, e.g. ‘wiki’. Save the bookmark.

That’s all to it. You have created a Smart Keyword (wiki) for

Now whenever you want to search you don’t have to go to first. Just type ‘wiki’ followed by your search term(s) in the location bar (not in the Google search box) and hit enter.

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