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Of late there has been a flood of Web 2.0 sites. But to be honest, only a few of them really make an impression on you.zpeech, website comment, web design, website comments, comment on website, comment websites, website comment box, comments on website

One such site is zpeech.com. (It is still in Beta stage.)

With zpeech.com a user can leave his comments on any website on the website itself and obviously we are not talking about the comments feature built into the website. To use zpeech just add “zpeech.com” in front of any URL. For example, to comment on Digital Quest, you would type www.zpeech.com/dq.winsila.com . The website will then open with an additional discussionboard popup – the zpeechboard – on the left hand side. The zpeechboard lets you read all discussions of other users on the website and also leave your own comments.

The best part is that the comments/discussions are stored forever or atleast as long as zpeech.com exists.

You don’t have to register to read the existing discussions but if you want to leave your own comments you have to register and it costs nothing. It is Free and it really is a wonderful tool. The comments are restricted to 2 comments per minute and to a maximum length of 200 characters. You can even use formatting like [b]bold[b], [i]italic[i] and [u]underline[u]. You can also add hyperlinks ([a][/a]).

But I see a few problems with zpeech.

Firstly, there seems to be no moderation of the comments. While it really means freedom of speech, it is a known fact that on the web, freedom of speech can so very easily be misused.

Then there is spam. zpeech doesn’t use CAPTCHA. So spambots can play havoc by flooding the discussion with nonsense.

I also find that zpeech shows the oldest comments first. To see the latest comments you have to scroll all the way down. This is ridiculous. It is common sense that people would want to see the latest comments first.

Since zpeech is currently in beta stage, lets hope that zpeech takes care of the above flaws soon. Then it really will be a great tool.

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