Users may not rush for Vista, Office 2007

Although Microsoft Corp. is staging the general launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007 today, corporate users have had access to the new software since late November.

Windows Vista and Office 2007But that early access isn’t translating into early deployments for most business customers, judging by an e-mail poll of 40 IT managers conducted by Computerworld last week. Even though Microsoft took pains to try to remove some of the barriers that often hinder upgrades, only three respondents said they expect Vista to be deployed on more than half of their companies systems by year’s end.

Only six said they anticipate installing Office 2007 that broadly by then, and the vast majority predicted that they will be running both of the new products on only a few test machines this year or on no PCs at all.

In several cases, the reasons extend beyond the typical issues that delay major migrations. High-profile new features such as the volume-activation and product-validation tools in Vista and the dramatically different user interface in Office 2007 are causing some IT managers to think hard about their upgrade strategies.

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