Peepel joins the online office suite race

Peepel is the latest entrant in the online office suite race which already includes players like Google, Zoho, Thinkfree etc.

The first thing that strikes you when you see the interface is the web 2.0 ‘ish’ look compared to the more formal looking Zoho or Thinkfree office suites.

Peepel office suite basically has a spreadsheet application called Peepel WebSheet, and a word processor called Peepel Webwriter. There is also a simple calculator application thrown in. Peepel calls the whole interface as Peepel Desktop which contains a Launcher, TaskManager and a Panel. One important feature of Peepel is that you can open both the Websheet and Webwriter and multiple documents of each in the same browser window. So you don’t have to move between multiple browser windows. It is really convenient, especially when you are working with multiple worksheets. The application windows can be moved, resized, stacked or cascaded.

The PeepelPanel stays at the top of Peepel Desktop and changes for each application you are using. The taskmanager on the left shows the documents that are open, just like in the Windows taskbar.

The Workspace Manager is another useful feature included in Peepel. You can give a name to a set of open documents (which can be a mix of Websheet and Webwriter) so that the next time you start your work you can open all of those documents with the windows placed exactly where you left them.

Apparently Peepel makes all processing in the client side (including websheet formulas) and saves data to the server when the document itself is saved by the user. This makes it quite fast and hence more usable.

Though Peepel makes a nice first impression, there are a few important features missing, which probably will be included in the coming days. For instance, though you can save an online document to your local computer, there is no way you can open a local file from your computer in Peepel. Similarly there seems to be no option to share the documents with others which is a feature normally expected of an online application.

But given the fact that Peepel has just been launched, we can expect more features to be added in the future.

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    Thanks for the very positive review. We are indeed working very hard at the moment to get import, sharing and collaboration working and they should be available soon.

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