Is your mobile bill skyrocketing? Maybe YourBillBuddy can help

Note: This post may interest only Indian readers. is a free service that analyses your mobile phone usage pattern and tells you whether your current service plan is the best for you or whether there are plans which suit your usage better.

The idea is to help you choose the plan that is the most cost effective for your usage style.

How works?
Basically YBB targeted at Postpaid connections with eBills. These ebills contain the usage statistics of an individual. You need to upload the past few ebills. Once uploaded, the service analyses the usage pattern and recommends a plan out of more than 300 plans from various service providers. Supposedly the recommended plan will be the most cost effective for your usage pattern.

In case you don’t have an eBill or if you are a Pre-paid user you can still use the Recommendation wizard to get your recommendations.

I registered myself to see what YBB recommends for me. But strangely all I got was the following message:

Actually, I am an Airtel user!! Probably that’s why the service is tagged ‘beta’.

I do like the idea though and if it really works well for others, fine. The only hitch I see is that some people may not be willing to part with their mobile phone number.


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