DQ Links for June 1, 2007

  • Google Gears – Google released an offline web app framework called Google Gears. Google Gears (BETA) is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality using JavaScript APIs.
  • Mahalo.com – Mahalo is a human-powered web search site where humans help organize the best results for the top search terms. The man behind Mahalo is Jason Calacanis.
  • sudokular.com – Sudokular is a place where you can play Sudoku online, face up to the sudoku challenge, get listed in the hall of fame, play in different game modes on so on.
  • livelook.com – Let’s you watch lots of live cams across the world. Since the cams are plotted on Google map it is easy to spot and choose one.
  • mobopic.com – moboPic is a free service for creating wallpapers for cell/mobile phones in just 3 easy steps.
  • 10 Fast Fixes for Nagging PC Problems

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