Windows in a Box – Keep every Windows settings within reach

Windows XP has lot of settings that can be configured to affect the performance or to personalize. Some of these can be as simple as changing the wallpaper. Others can be more advanced such as the Computer Management console where you can adjust a lot of advanced things like the Disk Management.

But even for the most ardent Windows user, it is not easy to remember how to access each of the settings. While the control panel has quite a number of settings, there are many more which are scattered all over Windows. Even within the control panel sometimes it is not very easy to find what we are looking for.

For example, suppose my keyboard suddenly fails, I know that Windows has an option to display an on-screen keyboard. But I would not remember where to look for the on-screen keyboard. This is just one example. There are many other settings which you don’t use everyday but when you need them most you either won’t remember where to look for them even if you know they exist, or you may have to wade through click after clicks to access it. (You can actually start the onscreen keyboard by going to Start>Run, typing osk and hitting Enter)


Windows in a box‘, from Big Daddy Design, is a tiny tool that precisely addresses this problem. It is a collection of a huge number of settings and applications that are available in Windows XP. It is just a single .exe file and so there is nothing to install. It can be run from a pen drive itself.

Just run ‘Windows in a box’ and you virtually have almost all of the Windows settings at your fingertips. The settings and applications are catergorised into Functions, Hidden XP functions, Other and Folders.

It is really a very convenient piece of tool for the casual users and a time-saver for the advanced users.

Windows in a box  Homepage | Download

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