Pitaschio – Add lots of useful Windows tweaks

Once in a while we come across a lesser known application that proves really useful and becomes part of your daily used software. Pitaschio is one such utility for Windows. For some reason my mind keeps calling it Pistachio and then I have to correct myself and say – “It is Pitaschio and not Pistachio“.

Anyway, Pitaschio is a Free Windows utility that lets you do lots of tweaks to Windows that can really boost your productivity. While you may not want to use every tweak that Pitaschio offers, you are sure to find atleast some tweaks that make your computing life easier and probably fun too.

Here are some of the functionalities that Pitaschio adds to Windows:

  • Snapping: When you move or resize Windows you can snap the windows to other windows. This is really helpful when you are arranging windows.
  • You can choose to keep a window within the visible area of the screen and restrict it from overflowing out of the screen.
  • You can easily adjust the transparency of a window by just placing your the mouse pointer on the window title and scrolling your mouse wheel. Pretty useful function.
  • Adjust Sound volume by just scrolling mouse wheel on the desktop.
  • Usually when you scroll the mouse wheel, it is the window under focus that is affected. But with Pitaschio you can just place the mouse cursor on another window and scroll the mouse to affect the window currently under the mouse pointer. You can choose whether the focus should shift to the new window or not. Again a very useful function.
  • You can assign various operations to the combinations of mouse action such as “Ctrl+double-click on the desktop” to start the screensaver or “Wheel click on the taskbar” to show desktop. These operations are not fixed and you can change the operations to your liking.
  • By double-clicking on an empty portion of a folder you can move to the parent folder.

These are just some of the functionalities. There are lots more which you can check out after installing Pitaschio. What I like most is that a majority of the solutions are very practical and not just cosmetic. For instance, when you are cleaning your mouse (ball based mouse) or your keyboard, your mouse cursor wanders randomly and you may accidentally click or press a key that causes unwanted results. With Pitaschio you can temporarily lock your mouse or keyboard, finish your cleaning and then unlock them – quite a practical solution.

Pitaschio does not need any installation. Just unzip the downloaded file and you can run the .exe file. You can also copy the folder to your pen drive (USB drive) and use it on any computer you are working on.

I recommend that you use it firsthand and see for yourself what Pitaschio offers. I am sure you will find it useful.

Download Pitaschio | Manual


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