How to mass/batch rename files

File renaming is easy. Right-click and choose ‘Rename’ or Press ‘F2′.

But how about renaming a thousand files. For instance, you have a lot of photos you took in the last few months and if you are like me then it is highly probable that they are still in the default names like DSC000023. Obviously renaming individual files is not the answer unless you have nothing better to do and also if you have lot of patience.

Here is where Siren can be useful.

Siren - Renaming Files

Siren is a Freeware from Scarabee Software, that allows you to rename files in (sub)directories based on an expression. It can use any information associated to a file, like the name, extension, dates, times, mp3 tag elements, selection number and others, as well as specified text parameters.

You can also apply case modification, substring extraction, string replacements and deletions & Regular expressions. Siren is one of the few renaming tools, that also supports RAW image files, including the Canon CRW and CR2 formats and others.

Siren is just one 724kb .exe file. So no installation is requred. You can even carry it around in your USB drive.

Download Siren

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