Searching for lyrics? EvilLyrics can help you find lyrics, fast.

If you are constantly on the lookout for lyrics of your favourite songs and if you have been ‘Googling’ the web searching for your lyrics, then EvilLyrics is one tool you must have a look.

EviLyrics is a tool that helps your find the lyrics for a song quickly. It is much much easier and quicker than searching for lyrics using Google. EvilLyrics lets you find lyrics either automatically or manually. By automatic, what it means is that, if you have the program running while you are playing a song in any of the supported players, EvilLyrics will automatically fetch the lyrics for the currently playing song. This it does by fetching the song name from the player and searching for corresponding lyrics.

EvilLyrics supports a lot of players like Winamp, WMP 9, iTunes, MusicMatch etc. For some players you would need to make some slight tweaking to get EvilLyrics to work properly with them.

Sometimes the automatic mode may not get you the correct lyrics or maybe you want to get the lyrics for a song that is in your mind. In this case you can just type the name of the singer and the name of the song manually in the search box and EvilLyrics will fetch the lyrics. If the currently fetched lyrics is not the right one you can either press the Next button to get other similar results or you can try changing the search phrase.EvilLyrics

Whichever way you use, you will find that EvilLyrics does the job well and is quite fast too. It actually searches various Lyrics sites to look for the song you need.Besides finding lyrics EvilLyrics offers other useful functionalities too, like:

  • Stores lyrics for offline viewing
  • translates lyrics
  • allows searching for guitar chords, AMG profiles, album covers arts, posters etc.

For an application with just an 800kB installation file, I am really impressed with the way EvilLyrics works.

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