Technology abuse or plain convenience?

The other day I was travelling in a bus with my family. Needless to say the bus was crowded and there were lot of people standing. Fortunately I had a seat and my sister was sitting on the other side of the aisle. There were so many people standing that we could not see each other. Suddenly my mobile rang. When I saw who was calling I was a little confused. It was my sister (sitting a couple of feet away) calling me. It took me a few seconds to realise that it really was her and I answered. She said “Suresh, could you pass on some biscuits to me?”. Damn. Did she call me for that? I took the biscuits and somehow managed to insert it through the wall of people standing and gave it to her. “Thanks ! ” she said and disconnected the call. Later, when the crowd thinned out I asked her “Did you really have to use your mobile to ask me for a few biscuits?” She said that it was so crowded, she tried to call me (read shouted my name) but I could not hear. So she had no other go but to use her mobile.

For the rest of the journey, I was musing over this. Was this abuse of technology? Or was it using technology for convenience? Some would say that this is a little ‘Over’ and would call this as abuse. By the way forgot to mention that all calls between my mobile and my sister’s mobile are free of cost. I am sure if it wasn’t free she wouldn’t have called in the first place.

I personally feel that there was nothing wrong in my sister using the mobile in the above situation. If technology helps you deal with a particular situation then go ahead and use it as long as the use is legitimate. For instance, I am not saying that you should take advantage of technology by taking a mobile with you into the examination hall and ask your friend to help you out over the phone. That is wrong.

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