Iconfinder – Great place to find quality icons

If you are a software developer or web designer and are always looking for free high quality icons for your application or website, you may want to start your search with Iconfinder.net.


Iconfinder has a huge collection of high quality icons. It is easy to find the icons that you want. You can search using keywords or browse using tags. You can find different sizes of the same icons.

While all the icons are essentially free, each may have a different licensing policy. So do check out the license before you actually use the icons for commercial purposes.

Visit Iconfinder.net


  1. KK Unnikrishnan says

    EXCEL ADD-IN for Currency in word…..I found the Add-in very useful for day-to-day use for those who doing accounting job etc. The creater did a very good job and helped several people who were actually look for a solution for this problem. Thanks a lot to Mr Suresh……..KK Unnikrishnan

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