mGinger – Earn money reading ads on your mobile

mGinger is a new concept in the advertising world. You get paid for reading sms ads on your mobile phone.

Well I know it sounds too good to be true. But if you study the concept and give it some thought you will begin to realise that it can really work.

How does mGinger work?
Once you signup up with mGinger, you will start receiving sms advertisements on your mobile phone. For each ad that you receive (and hopefully read), you will be paid 20 paise. You will receive a maximum of 10 msgs per day. If you want you can receive lesser number of ads also. But the fun starts when you start referring your friends to mGinger. For your referrals you receive 10 paise for each ad that they receive. Similary, for each of the friends that your referrals refer, you get paid 5 paise for each ad. When you consider the Geometric progression, the amount that you can make in a month is quite considerable.mGinger Calculator

To help you to estimate how much you can earn, mGinger have provided a calculator on their homepage.

Will I be dumped with ads?
Apparently no. The mGinger team seems to be playing very decent. You can limit the number of ads you receive per day and not more than 10 in any case. You can decide the time during which you want to receive them. You can choose to receive ads only for the products that interest you. Pretty cool.

Every new idea meets with opposition and suspicion. mGinger is no different. It is a brand new idea in it’s infancy and only time can tell if it will click.

But my logic is simple.

All I spend is about 3 minutes of my time to sign up.

If mGinger succeeds, I gain. If it doesn’t, I don’t lose anything. Simple.

So I would suggest that you give it a shot. Sign up here.

Update: mGinger Blog actually gives you much more information and answers most of the question you might have in mind. What I particularly like about the blog is that they are being very honest and down to earth. No where  do they claim that you can make big money out of the scheme. This definitely gives them very good credibility. My best wishes to the mGinger team !!

Note: This opportunity is available only for Indian users.


  1. Pankaj Kumar says

    I am not receiving any ads or any email from mginger. I have verified my email and mobile no. successfully even then I am not receiving their ads or emals.. Help me Plzzzzzzzz

  2. says

    by far smsgala is the best as they pays for sending ad free 145 char sms and i think they are best sms service providers in India.. its been 2 months now and i have almost 1100 as earning .. they even recharge ur mobile with earned credientials..

  3. ashfaq says

    hi i have registered to mginger but i am not able to open it …please see to it can use it ..
    my user name is jerrytom and my cell no is 9290863923…please do some thing

  4. says

    Well, these are real as i too got an amount of 462 rupees from . but is there any more site like this. purly hungy for it cause i am able to take out my phone maintanance cost.


    plz mail me, if u have any more sites like this

  5. says

    Mate, I would suggest that you please visit GianiJi.COM and contact them to know if these websites like mGinger and sMsIndia.Co.In are real or not! GianiJI.COM is a home of professional people who will guide you through the dark roads of web where you never know who will take you for a ride.

    They helped me in a project while I was studying in Thapar Engineering College. They are the one who are assisting various companies in implementing major IT projects in North India, Middle East, North Africa and East Asia.

    GianiJI.Com is pool of exellent people graduated from various top universities of U.S. and Europe!

    Try them!

    Good Luck!

    Subhash Kataria
    Sector 17, Chandigarh

  6. sandeepsaxena says

    i want to earn money by reading mobile advertisement
    my mobile no 9821341749 i am living in mumbai

  7. pravin says

    I have been joined this programme 2-3 months ago but i have not received any sms from mGinger. This is totally scam.

  8. mobilespy9 says

    mGinger has simply copied the idea straight from what had happened way back in 2002 in Australia AND what a company called MindMatics (via doing in the UK currently. It is disgusting for these guys to claim this in the press as their original idea!! It is disgusting how they have even lifted the Terms and conditions from their website and the privacy policy too!! the least they could have done is to atleast bothered to change that a little bit!! The Mginger design – down to the background image is a copy of frinedster!! Not just that – the Darned copy on the Advertise with us page is also the same!! Shame on you guys!! Mr. CEO – your COO has conned you by claiming this as his own idea and you have gone to press with it stating this and boasting about this!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha !! Good luck to you!

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