Cricinfo 3D – Live Animated Cricket on the Web

If you are a cricket lover you would definitely have heard about – a great web site to get the latest scores, textual commentary and a lot of good info about cricket in general.

And now, Cricinfo has added a revolutionary new way of following a match near live on your computer called cricinfo3D. cricinfo3D is a near live 3D animated representation created from data collected on field. You can follow the action ball-by-ball. I earlier said ‘near live’ because there will be a delay of between 3 to 12 balls when compared to the real action. It is understandable, since the data has to be captured and then recreated.

Some great things you can do with Cricinfo 3D that you couldn’t normally do while watching on a TV is that here you can choose the angle at which you watch the action, zoom in / zoom out, and pan around the stadium using your own 360 degree camera.

At any time you can choose to see the complete scorecard, or a full textual commentary (there is no audio as yet) or statistics displayed in a graphic form. The statistics includes a Wagonwheel represention of the shots played by each player.

You need to have Shockwave player installed in order to view the animations.

Ok, agreed that it is nowhere near anything like watching it on the Television, but it sure is fun and much better than just reading text.
Links: | cricinfo3D | Shockwave player

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