100th Post in Digital Quest

This is my 100th post of this blog. Time flies. It looks like I just started this blog and already it is 3 months old. Well it is still a baby and is only crawling.

It has been a very satisfying 3 months of blogging. Digital Quest is my first attempt at blogging. Though I heard about blogging quite a long time ago, I never thought I would be authoring one some day. I was under the impression that one needs to be a good writer to put things up on a blog. Only lately I realised that though a skill in good writing helps, it is not a must-have quality. The most important thing is content.

Digital Quest deals with tech stuff but if you have seen my About page, you would already know that neither do I have a background in technology/computers nor does my present profession directly deal with it. However, there have been times when I had the opportunity to work in the EDI section in one of our offices and that was a really great experience. It really boosted my interest in the field and the result is this blog.

100 Posts Digital Quest

I wouldn’t be talking about ‘my great accomplishments in the last 3 months‘ for the simple reason that there are none to brag about. But what is really encouraging is the fact that over the last 1 month I have been getting quite a few visitors. Not much, but enough to prod me to do more. It really feels good to know that people read the stuff you write and hopefully find it useful too.

As of now, I don’t have any great plans for the future than to keep this blog fresh with new posts everyday. But I must admit that it has not been an easy task. With a regular day job and a family to care for, it is hard to find time for blogging. Mostly I sit late in the night and try to do some posts. But I wouldn’t complain about it. It is really fun. My only complain is, why I didn’t think of starting a blog much earlier. Anyway, it is never too late.

Thanks to everybody who reads DQ. Keep reading and send me your comments to improve it. (May not be long before you read my 1000th post :) )


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    @Amit Agarwal: Hey Amit, It is really a pleasant surprise to receive compliments from one of India’s top bloggers. Just to know that you are following my blog itself makes me feel good.
    Thank you very much for your wishes.

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