Questions raised by DQ readers – July 24, 2007

Quite often DQ readers have requested for solutions to certain problems that they have faced. Sometimes, I am able to offer them a solution. At other times I have failed. So I thought it would be better to compile such questions periodically and post the questions as separate posts. Anybody, who has a better knowledge about the issue may give their opinion as comments to these posts. They could also mail the individuals with their solutions but I would request that they also post their answers here as it would help other people who face similar problems.

And so, here is the first post.

Chesley Sheppard says:

I downloaded what I thought was an mpeg video via bitcomet it has a .bci extension and will not open on any program. Have any suggestions on where I can get help?

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Bob Shell says:

I’ve downloaded and installed FlyakiteOSX on my Windows computer. It installed smoothly and everything seems to work fine except that I can’t get iTunes to work. It put an alias for iTunes in the dock, but when I try to run it I get a message saying:

iTunes.exe – Entry Point Not Found.

I don’t have a clue what that means. I reinstalled both iTunes and FlyakiteOSX, but it made no difference.

Know a fix for this?

Also, any way in FlyakiteOSX to move the Dock to the side and set it up to hide?

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