Widgepedia – Great resource for widgets and gadgets

Widgipedia is aiming to be the ultimate resource for both users and developers of widgets and gadgets. It has the most comprehensive collection of widgets across all platforms.


For those who have never heard of widgets – A widget is a small application that runs either on your desktop or in a Web page. For instance, you could have a widget running on your desktop that tells you the latest weather, stock prices etc . A web widget is also similar, the only difference being that it is placed inside a web page in a web site or a blog.

Widgipedia has a huge collection of widgets and is growing everyday. If you are a developer yourself, you may want to submit your own widget. Widgipedia could be a great way to promote your widgets.

If you just want to download widgets or may be provide feedback, you don’t even have to register with the site. However, to upload and manage your own widgets you need to create an account.

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