What Firefox 4 has in store for you

Firefox 4 is expected to be released later this year. Mozilla had hoped to release Firefox 4 in 2010 but a longer-than-expected testing process discovered hundreds of bugs forcing the date back. If you want a sneak peek of Firefox , you can download the Release Candidate (Firefox 4 RC) here.


Here are some of the new features/major improvements in Firefox .

  • Firefox 4 includes an updated interface for all platforms that’s sleeker and easier to use.
  • New JavaScript engine speeds up start-up time, makes pages load faster and improves performance of apps and games.
  • Introduction of hardware acceleration makes websites respond faster to rich and interactive content such as games, apps and photos.
  • WebGL graphics language renders 3D graphics without plug-ins.
  • New account set-up makes it easier to sync your browser between your Desktop and mobile.
  • Revamped Firefox Add-ons Manager lets you customize how you manage add-ons.
  • New features such as App Tabs and Panorama aim to make it easier to browse the web.
  • Introduction of Firefox Sync, which lets you sync your Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs and passwords between your Desktop and mobile browser.
  • General performance, stability and memory usage improvements.
  • Do Not Track feature introduced to help you block adverts that track your behavior online.
  • Improved performance and responsiveness when watching videos online.



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