TypeRacer – An addictive and fun way to practice typing

If you want to improve your typing speed the fun way, then TypeRacer is the way to go. TypeRacer is a very addictive, but fun Web site where you can build up your typing skills with lots of practice! The main idea is obviously to type fast and accurate.

The fun part is that, you are represented by car and the car moves along as you type the given text. So the faster you type, the faster the car moves and you reach the finishing line. When you are playing against opponents, you can constantly see who is ‘driving’ the fastest.

(Suresh hasn’t even left the start line because he was busy taking the screenshot !!)

TypeRacer gives you four different options to test your skill.

  • Race against others – Here you race against randomly chosen opponents and try to perform the best
  • Practice - Here you are the only one racing and you can watch your progress against the clock.
  • Race your friends – This is similar to Race against others, but here you invite your friends to a private race and you can even chat with your friends.
  • Join a private race – This is when you are invited to a race and you want to want join the race.

Be warned that while TypeRacer can help you enhance your typing skill, it can be very addictive and can turn out to be a time waster.

Go to TypeRacer.com

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