Twingine – Compare Google and Yahoo! Search Results

A few days ago I wrote a post about Releton where, with a single search, you can get the results from both Google and Yahoo! in the same page. The results in Releton are a mixture of search results from Google and Yahoo!

But many a times you would prefer that the results are displayed separately, as if the search was made in Google and Yahoo! independently. Well, Twingine makes it possible.

The Twingine site contains a blank search form into which you can type any search query. When you click Search, the site brings up the results pages for that query from both Yahoo! and Google, side by side. Clicking Next or Previous in the top frame at Twingine takes you to the next or previous page in the search results at both sites. If you repeat the search a few times you would notice that the sides on which Google and Yahoo! appear change at random. This is so that people who prefer one side of the screen to the other won’t be biased.

When you want to open a link, you would do well to open the link in a new tab. Otherwise, the new page will open within the frame in which you clicked the link.

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