Read Google News in a Timeline

Google News is a great place for finding out the happenings around the globe from a variety of sources.  But all those news stuff could be somewhat overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice if the news items could be organized into a more manageable form. How about something like a timeline?

Well, the guys at Google have already figured that out. Just head over to

You will see a gridview of the top new stories in the last few days organized by publishing time. Just click anywhere on the timeline and drag to the left or right to view the earlier or later dates. You can choose to view by week, month, year or even decade to get a different perspective.  You can also switch between large, medium or small format to cramp more or less info into each spot. You can also jump to a specific date.

Google Newstimeline

If you want to pull news from more sources just click on ‘Add More Queries’ and you will see a list of featured newspapers, magazines, blogs and even sports scores. If that is not enough you can type your own in the search field and customize it to your liking.

If you are regular reader of Google News then newstimeline should definitely enhance the way you read news.

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