Got interesting content but don’t want to start a blog? Try

Triond is where you can submit interesting content, get them published in one of their websites and earn money out of your content.

The content that you submit could be anything – text, photos, videos, music, podcasts – just about anything. Of course, they have to be original to get published. Once you submit your content and it is approved, triond will publish it on websites in their network or their affiliates’ networks.

How does my content make money?
Your content generates revenue from online advertising that appears on the pages alongside your content. But not all of the revenue comes to you. You are paid 50% of the revenue generated from your content in the previous month. But it is not just one time. Your content will remain there and can fetch you money month after month. The more content you submit, the more you can make.

While content can be in any media, it is preferable that it is textual since it is the best form to get indexed in the search engines and get traffic through them. After you submit a content, you may want to promote your content by sending the link to your published content to your friends and family or by publishing the link in forums, social bookmarking sites etc.triond

But couldn’t I start my own blog instead?
Of course, you can start your own blog instead of submitting your content to Triond. But the fact is while it is easy enough to start a blog, it takes quite a lot of work and time to maintain it. You can’t be posting content just once or twice a month and expect your blog to be read – unless you are some kind of celebrity. While, you can keep 100% of whatever revenue gets generated from your blog, it wouldn’t be much if you didn’t have lot many visitors.

On the other hand, Triond can be helpful even if you have occasional ideas for your content but if you wish to make some decent money you would need lots of contents. It is comparatively easy to get readers to notice your content, since visitors coming to read other content also may read your content.

Ultimately, each has its own merits. It is for you to choose which suits you. Actually you could benefit more by choosing to use both. You could draw people to your blog by submitting some good contents to Triond and mentioning your blog somewhere in the content.

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