How to quickly view all unread messages in Gmail

If you receive a lot of messages in your Gmail, oftentimes you would find that you have mails in your archive that you have not read and have also not labeled. Your inbox link would indicate count of the unread messages inbox but they may not be visible in the front page. Unfortunately, Google does not offer any direct option to filter just the unread mails.

Here is a easy way to filter and view your unread messages with just one click. Of course, setting it up would take a few clicks more.

To view the unread message, enter “is:unread” in the search field and click on Search Mail. This by itself will filter and show you all the unread messages in your archive.

How to quickly view all unread messages in Gmail

But we would like to get this done with just a single click. To achieve that, you would need to enable the Quick Links feature from labs. Here’s how.

  • Click on the green Labs icon on the top right side of the Gmail page. Look for the ‘Quick Links’ feature and enable it. This feature adds a box to the left column that gives you 1-click access to any bookmarkable URL in Gmail.
  • Come back to your Inbox. You will find the Quick Links box on the left. Now search for “is:unread” to show your unread messages.
  • Click on Add Quick Link below the Quick Links box. Gmail will prompt you to enter a name for the new view created.How to quickly view all unread messages in Gmail
    Enter “Unread Mails” or any other name that you want and click Ok. A new link call Unread Mails is created in the Quick Links box.


From now on whenever you want to view the unread mails, just click on the Unread Mails link in the Quick Links.

Easy, isn’t it?


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