Free Waxmail lets you talk instead of type!

Waxmail is a free software that lets you talk your message instead of typing it. It is presently available for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Once you have installed the application, you will find a Waxmail button on your outlook toolbar. Just click on it to create an email ready for your voice message. Press Record and start talking (sing if you please). Click Stop and type any additional text that you want and send it.

The recorded message is sent as a high quality MP3 attachment to the email message. The recipient need not have Waxmail to read…err…hear your mail. Your recipient can merely double-click the attachment to hear your message.

This is really a nice tool to have when you consider that your voice is much more personal than typed words and can convey your emotions much more strongly.

P.S. Waxmail is free but the messages include a tag line telling recipients about the product.

Download Waxmail : For Outlook / For Outlook Express

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