Everything explained in Plain English @ CC

So you are an avid user of twitter. You have subscribed to hundreds of RSS feeds. But what if someone like say, your mom or dad asks: What is twitter? or, What is this RSS thing exactly? or, what is World Wide Web.

It sure can be difficult to explain concepts like these to the uninformed. If you get too technical explaining things, it is bound to go over their head. So what do you do?

Simple. Just point them to http://www.commoncraft.com.

At Commoncraft.com, host Leele Fever explains several concepts like twitter, www, rss, wikis and more in plain English using simple animations which even your grandmother can understand. The narrations and the animations are both informative and enjoyable to watch.

You will not only find videos on techie stuff, but also videos on things like saving, borrowing & investing money and even the election process, all explained in plain English.

Just check out this video titled Wikis in Plain English.

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