BareSite – Browse even non-mobile friendly websites easily with your mobile device

Are you tired of trying to browse websites with your mobile device and getting mobile unfriendly content?

While an increasing amount of publishers make their content available for mobile devices, majority of websites still are not ready for mobile browsing.

BaresiteBareSite is a free service that can help you browse the web using your mobile device. What BareSite essentially does is that it strips all unneeded content from normal websites, making them mobile-friendly. This significantly improves the browsing experience and could also reduce your connection cost due to lower bandwidth usage.

BareSite is extremely easy to use. Just open and in the textbox provided enter the url of the site you want to visit.

If the target website has an rss feed then automatically detects it and shows you the latest feeds. Otherwise, it strips down the site to show only the bare content.

BareSite does not require users to register to set preferences and also does not add advertisements to the content unlike some other similar services.

It also allows you to set a few preferences – like showing images or not, default search engine etc. You can also view the most visited and last visited sites.

BareSite can be useful even in situations where you are browsing on your PC but find that your internet connectivity(dial up) is too slow and you are more interested in the content than the visual appearance of the site.

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