Backing up Firefox’s ‘about:config’ settings

If you have ever used the ‘about:config‘ screen in Firefox, then you would know that it is quite similar to the Windows’ Registry, for, it contains important information and settings. Fiddling with about:config, without knowing what you are doing could adversely affect Firefox. Of course, it may not be as catastrophic as when you mess up with your Windows’ Registry.

Nevertheless, if you have customized your Firefox about:config to suit your needs, then it would be a good idea to back it up regularly, so that the next time you play with it and happen to screw it up, you could easily replace it with the back up copy.
Here is how you can back up the about:config settings.
  • First close down Firefox if it is running.
  • Go to Start>Run and type %appdata%\mozilla\firefox\profiles and hit <Enter>.
  • The resulting explorer window that opens will contain a folder with a peculiar name like ud732v0a.default. The actual folder name that you see will most probably be different, but the name will resemble something like this.
  • Open the above folder and among other files you will find a file called prefs.js. This is the file we are looking for. Just copy it to a safe location. Should you mess up something in ‘about:config’, simply close Firefox and copy the backup of prefs.js back to its original location.


  1. cris says

    hey do you know how to restore the settings in about:config cause i messed up pls email me the answer


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