ADrive – Get a whopping 50GB of online storage for Free

adrive_logo.jpgThere are lots of sites/services that offer free online storage space for your files. While most of them offer anywhere between 1GB to 5 GB of space, stands apart from the rest by the sheer size of storage space that it offers for free – a whopping 50 GB! (that’s more than what my desktop pc has, a mere 40GB.)

Apart from the huge storage that Adrive offers, there are quite a few other features worth mentioning.


  • The largest file size that can be uploaded is 2 gigabytes (2048 megabytes).
  • No restriction on the file types that can be stored. You can store any type of files.
  • The files are virtually stored for ever. Neither the files nor any user accounts are deleted.
  • You can share any of the stored files with anyone on the internet.
  • Utilizing the partnership with Zoho, ADrive offers the ability to edit Word and Excel files online. Click the “Edit” button next to the file you would like to edit, make all your changes, and then save the file. You don’t even need to have an account with Zoho to carry on the edits.

ADrive is a great way to backup your valuable files and access your stored files from anywhere.



  1. says

    eBucket WebDrive offers a one-of-kind 3D online file storage at a fraction of the cost. Unlimited storage space. Secure data transfer. Multi-file uploads&downloads up to 5GB per file! Drag&Drop file manager. Transfer queue manager. MP3 & M4A (AAC) Music Player, Image Viewer,
    HD Video Player. Reliable. Scalable. Secure. Powered by Amazon Simple Storage.

  2. _Vera_ says

    Thanks! I did some research as well and ADrive stands out from the rest with its free 50GB and features.

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